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ZWEBB is Stockholm based web agency specialized in development of advanced websites, intranets and web based programs.

Our goal is to help our clients show their best side on the Internet and simplify everyday work by using our cost-effective web applications.

What we do

Web agency grön prick som föreställer bokstaven I Stockholm

Looking for a web agency in Stockholm? An experienced team of web designers, web developers and project leaders that can lead the entire process - from company profile to advanced web development, UX and SEO?
This is the right address for that -
welcome to Zwebb!

Open Source

Our work is dedicated to Open Source based software. Like eZ Platform and Symfony framework for instance...

Web strategy

Great web project require great strategies. For many years we have been guiding some large companies and organizations in Sweden and Europe to their success on the Internet. And we like to share our experiences.

We are FinTech experts!

Building unique financial platforms has become our expertise in recent years.
Please call +46 8 518 399 93 if you would like to know more about our knowledge.

system developer at Zwebb
elefanter som föreställer responsiv design
Interactive & mobile friendly

All new websites we produce are mobile friendly. All interactive features, including online payments, work flawlessly in all smartphones.

Open Source dedicated team

We are advanced eZ Publish Platform partner, experts in Symfony PHP.

Experience in web development

With more than 10 years in the field of web development, we have created a unique approach that simplifies the web development process. At the same time it adds greater demands on us.
We deliver high quality at good price and have satisfied customers who use our web applications year after year.

Web production

Responsive web design

website and mobile app, all in one

Responsive web design is a must have on every website nowdays and we have the cutting-edge expertise on that.

With responsive web design and HTML5, functionality of your webiste will be preserved on all mobile devices.

Web app development

flexible, cost-effective mobile apps

Functionalities from desktop applications and native apps, are now available on mobile friendly web applications, or shortly - web apps. An Internet connection is the only requirement.

Web apps we produce are cross browser and cross platform enabled, no matter which smartphone you use.

Automation Software

development of web-based systems

Are you in need of a web-based system to automate processes in your business?

Many of today's digital systems cannot adapt to the unique needs that companies may have.
By customizing a web-based system, you will save a lot of time in the long run. Your work will become more efficient and your customers will get better and faster service.
We at Zwebb have in recent years developed a lot of useful solutions and services, where most of them can possibly be adapted to suit your own needs. Otherwise, we can develop a completely new system according to your unique specification. Just give us a call.

eZ Platform 5 & 6

enterprise web platform

Our primary web development frameworks for large scale projects are Symfony 2 and eZ Publish Platform.

Majority of large website and intranet platforms that we have integrated in recent years are based on this cutting-edge software, provided by eZ Systems.

We are the official partner with eZ Systems and we offer design and integration services for eZ Publish since 2007.

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