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ZWEBB is Stockholm based web agency specialized in development of advanced websites, web based programs and digital tools. Our goal is to help our clients show their best side on the Internet and simplify everyday work by using our cost-effective web applications.

We create everything from simple websites, intranets and web shops, to large web portals that can handle thousands of visitors at a time...

Web development

Web agency  Stockholm

Looking for a web agency in Stockholm? An experienced team of web designers, web developers and project leaders that can lead the entire process - from company profile to advanced web development, UX and SEO?
This is the right address for that -
welcome to Zwebb!

Sushi som open source produkt
Open Source

Our work is dedicated to Open Source based software. Like eZ Publish and Magento for instance...

SEO hint

Test our SEO work by using the phrase "construction hoists".
Our client Alimak Hek should appear on top three positions.
Similar ranking for your web pages - just let us know ;)

We are problem solvers

A great part of our work goes on solving your web problems with our technical expertise. 
Just call +46 8 518 399 93 if you need any help.

We are problem solvers
Web strategy and UX

Great web project require great strategies. For over 10 years we have been guiding companies and organizations in Sweden and Europe to their success on the Internet.

elefanter som föreställer responsiv design
Responsive web design

Make your site adjust to the visitor's screen size, regardless of which device the visitor is browsing from.

Web platforms

Advanced eZ Publish Platform partner, experts in WordPress, Magento, Symfony PHP and other areas too ;-)

Experience in web development

With more than 10 years in the field of web development, we have created a unique approach that simplifies the development process and our work, but at the same time placing greater demands on us.
Therefore, we deliver high quality at a good price and have satisfied customers who use our web solutions year after year.

Web production

Web development

creativity, technology, success

From basic web strategy to detailed concept for your website, we are covering everything from graphic identity and interaction design via  coding, integration and project leading to measurable results in the form of UX = "User Experience" and increased sales.

Flexibility is also required, since our customers are coming from different industries and sectors.

eZ Publish Platform

CMS integration

Our primary web development framework and content management systems for large scale projects is eZ Publish CMS
Stable, reliable and Open Source based, eZ Publish is very useful for custom made, secure, large web portals and platforms.

We also use Magento as our primary e-commerce platform and WordPress for smaller web projects. 

Intranet and web apps

efficient internal communication

Our intranet solution makes it simple to communicate internally, exchange documents, share events, contacts and more. It fits majority of companies and organizations, and we also give you the opportunity to customize it with your own add ons, like additional web apps, newsletter option, auto-archiving, and more. 

Prior to the launch of the new platform, we organize a workshop where we teach you how to manage your new precious tool. 
Feel free to contact as for free intranet demo :)

Responsive web design

website and mobile app, all in one

Need a web platform adapted to mobile devices? Talk to us and we'll make it happen. Responsive web design is the key and we have the cutting-edge expertise on that.

For basic mobile application there is no need in investing in an expensive, maintenance-intensive IOS or Android app. With responsive web design and HTML5, functionality of your webiste will be preserved on all mobile devices. One single click updates them all.

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