Membership Portal

Membership Portal

A powerful and easy to use Membership System featuring web-based storage capacity for thousands of members.

Membership portal

Do as our customers in Sweden and abroad - let us take care of your membership system. We have experience creating membership systems with large storage capacity.

For efficient membership management the Membership system is often coupled to online payment systems. Administration is facilitated, you do not have to enter up data manually and can focus on your core business instead.

If your organisation needs to connect your membership database with an external system or service, our SSO (signle sign-on) solution allows communication between the membership system and e.g. your website, online shop, ticket and entry systems, newsletter, booking system etc.

Within the complex membership database solution, you can quickly print out both paper and plastic cards to your members. Option of payment solution, through Klarna or Nets, among others, allows your members to easily renew their membership online.

Some of our customers are Karolinska Institute, Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm and Kenes Group from Switzerland.

Call us for free demo: +46 8 518 399 93.

Technical specification


All (platfor independent)


Linux, HTML5, Symfony PHP, MySQL

Control panel         

Web based with login page

Data export

CSV or SQL format




Basic Delivery time1-2 days Free support1 week Installation feeoffer Hosting/maintenance cost€ 15 / month Product warranty2 years
Advance Delivery timeoffer Free support2 months Installation feeoffer Hosting/maintenance coststarting at € 45 / month Product warranty3 years
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