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Our eZ Publish developers are the best in Sweden! We deliver customized enterprise web platforms:


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Kameo is a digital marketplace for crowdlending = loan-based crowdfunding and is Zwebb's first FinTech (financial technology) project.

Our task was to create an interactive platform where small business owners borrow money without having to go to the bank; and for private individuals and investment companies to invest in small companies and startups directly online.

The Kameo project is very complex and we have worked to develop and ensure its advanced structure, functionality and security.

eZ Platform was the obvious choice for the site, where authorized administrators can easily see the entire flow, including registrations, credit assessment, loan applications and disbursements, utilizing identification by BankID.

Kameo is recently launched in Norway: www.kameo.no, while Denmark is the next upcoming destination.

In the meantime, Swedish customers are welcome to Borrow or Invest on: www.kameo.se

Alimak Hek

eZ Publish


World's leading provider of vertical access equipment, with offices in 17 countries. Website available in 13 languages using translations tool in eZ Publish, supporting Chinese, Korean, Russian and Arabic scripts.

ZWEBB has also helped Alimak Hek to produce and launch the Extranet and improve the communication between Alimak Hek offices and distributors worldwide.

Besides that, we have also delivered some tailor made web programs and platforms in form of: Case Study generator, Interactive Product Guide and recently also a BIG DATA visualizer - Supplier Portal.

New responsive design, with improved contact pages and interactive maps will be launched during 2017.

Alimak Hek, Global website

Opus Bilprovning

Responsive design eZ Publish Symfony PHP

After almost three years of cooperation with Opus Bilprovning, we feel that have achieved a lot. And we are still continually working in close relation with the customer, in order to improve the user experience for Opus Bilprovning, their clients end employees. The site has about 12 000 visitors daily and our focus is to make it work equally easy for all of them.

In order to improve the customer experience, we have integrated Opus Bilprovning's advanced booking system, but also developed interactive services where you can find out your inspection period, register for an invitation letter or request an additional service. Stations page with an interactive map is there to help you quickly find your nearest station.

The website is fully responsive and integrated to eZ Publish Platform Enterprise CMS, with average response time of 0,44 seconds per page.

OPUS Bilprovning official webiste


Responsive design eZ Publish

The specialist in under floor heating, distribution of water and solar heating.

Thermotech's new website was launched early in 2015 and with the new simplified structure, both the end user and the installer will easily find the information they need.

In addition to the coarse structural modifications, based on Thermotech's graphic profile, we have created a whole new, mobile friendly, responsive web design.

One of our ambitions with the development of the website was to make it easy for administrators to keep the website updated on all four languages - without mixing them together. It was one of the reasons that we decided to integrate it into eZ Publish.

And it didn't stop there. We have also designed and developed the Intranet, adapted to Thermotechs needs and wishes. Even more projects are planned for 2015/16 so stay tuned... ;)

Visit Thermotechs new website


eZ Publish

Sweden's largest museum of photography and photographic art has thousands of visitors to the Web! The website provides information on upcoming exhibitions, courses, tours, and new events every day.

For Fotografiska we have developed the following (in the period 2010-2013):

  • Fotografiskas membership system
  • Fotografiska Akademins booking system
  • Fotografiskas Online Store
  • Ticket System in PHP & MySql
  • Web-Based Access Control
  • API for all payment devices
  • Stockholm Photography Week website: SPWK.eu
  • Fotografibloggen.se, blog

R.C. Chocolat

Responsive design eZ Publish

Our tastiest cooperation so far. We at Zwebb have taken R.C Chocolat out of the Flash bubble while giving them a facelift. The website is one page and based on the beautiful pictures that make the visitors crave. It also contains an easily navigated online store where customers can buy a ready-made chocolate box, or create their own personal set.

R.C. Chocolat is a chocolate shop based in central Sigtuna, with their own café and a bakery. In early 2013, they opened a shop / café at Arlanda airport. They create handmade products, with locally produced flours and organic and genuine goods. Everything from the bread to chocolates chocolaty.

The site is fully responsive - of course - so to order chocolate from the couch has never been easier.

R.C. Chocolat, site and webshop


eZ Publish Symfony PHP


Zwebb team also helped to create Norway's largest food portal:  Matprat.no (eZ Publish Enterprise) with custom web applications for iPad and iPhone.


Abax Dörrsystem AB

Responsive design eZ Publish

Abax Dörrsystem is a manufacturer of aluminum parts such as doors and facades, and licensed according to Sapa Byggsystem. The website, however, is manufactured by us in eZ Publish.

Desktop version we created before mobile friendly was a must. When the requirement arrived we were not late to further develop the design and today abax.se is fully responsive. Together with the new design we added some SEO work.

The website is constructed with a simple structure that does not confuse the user, put all the cards on the table and do not complicate your visit. Everything is easily accessible from the home page.

In addition to webdesign and code we at Zwebb also have created the logo, templates for a variety of printed materials and design to their company cars. 

Visit abax.se

Nässjö kommun

eZ Publish


Nässjö's municipality official website, all the information about what happens in the municipality can be found here.



eZ Publish

Secondary school located in Nässjö, Småland. Maybe the only one in Sweden with its own railway station.

We have in addition to the website also specially developed an intranet according to the school's needs and desires. Both the website and intranet are integrated in eZ Publish.

Based on Brinellgymnasiets graphic profile, we have created the blue web design that reflects the school.

The straightforward menu will navigate you directly to the education you want to read more about. Let's sneak in that the website was created long before the time of responsive design.

On the home page also a Facebook flow has been integrated to make sure that visitors do not miss any important updates.

Kenes Group

eZ Publish


In co-operation with Kenes we are building websites, web applications and newsletter platforms for international medical organizations and societies. Among others with: ESID, ESPNIC, and WSO.

Kenes is a well known international congress organizer with more than 46 years of experience.

Embassy of Botswana

Responsive design eZ Publish

This is the official website we made for the Embassy of the Republic of Botswana in Stockholm. The site is made in responsive design and automaticly changes the size depending on the device you are using. 

Embassy of Botswana official website

Huddinge Hockey

eZ Publish

Homepage of Huddinge's hockey team. Match schedule, past results and all information about the club can be found here.

In addition to the design and structure of the website, we have also integrated a solution to a TV screen in their entrance. This screen shows which team will be in which locker room and hall, between which hours. This has not only created less confusion between team players, but also reduced the work of administrators and coaches. The information is changed and filled in easily via the dashboard of eZ Publish.

Huddinge Hockey official website

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